If You Live In The City Of Henderson, You Better Keep An Eye On Your Chickens

There is a fowl problem in the town of Henderson and it’s causing the city fathers to possibly pass a new ordinance because of chickens running amuck.


According to KATC, the town has an issue to where the mayor,  Sherbin Collette and the city council may have to change the policy on roaming and unattended chickens freely wandering through the town and apparently causing some residents to complain about chickens who roam freely without being accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Yes, this is for real, and the mayor said when chickens roam freely in or on a neighbors yard, it’s a problem.

There are many people in the city who have chickens for eggs, meat and even a pet.

To remedy the ongoing issue according to the mayor,  the new ordinance, if passed, would allow law enforcement to catch the birds and bring them to the St. Martinville Humane Society to be jailed. Then from there, we have no idea what would happen to the bird?

I know you’re coming up with your own gumbo or omelet jokes.

You better tend to your chickens in Henderson and don’t confuse the word tend and chicken with tender, which would then be a chicken tender. (that’s bad, I know)

You know this story is going to make national news somewhere.