LA DOTD Reminds Citizens it’s Unsafe to Travel

I-10 New Orleans | Reuters | Dave Martin

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is reminding drivers that fallen trees, downed power lines and other debris have made many roads in south Louisiana impassable, including portions of I-10 and I-12. This will likely be common in all areas that are in the path of Hurricane Ida.

Weather conditions prohibit DOTD staff from clearing state routes at this time. Once it’s deemed safe to begin clearing the roads, DOTD has staff and resources staged to do so. With the widespread devastation, this process could take some time. Damage assessment teams will be in the impacted areas as soon as possible to determine the extent of the damage to the roads and bridges.

Safety for the citizens of Louisiana and for DOTD staff is the number one concern. DOTD appreciates your patience as we wait for the storm to pass and begin recovery efforts.