LSE, C&G Containers Host Donation Drive To Benefit Hurricane Ida Victims

LSE Crane and Transportation (LSE) in partnership with C&G Containers is accepting donations at 313 Westgate Road, Scott, LA 70506 to help families devastated by Hurricane Ida in south Louisiana.

LSE will load our trucks with donations and deliver items to local organizations and fire departments who can assist with getting these valuable donations in the hands of the people who are in most need.

Your generous donation is greatly appreciated. Donations will be accepted Thursday (9/2) & Friday (9/3) between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Provided below are a list of suggested items. Thank you and God bless!

List of Nonperishable Goods & Supplies

  1. Bottled water
  2. Canned goods
  3. Snack bags / boxes
  4. Juice boxes
  5. Medications (i.e. Ibuprofen)
  6. Adult & baby toiletries
  7. Air mattresses (new only)
  8. Air conditioners (new only)
  9. Generators (new only)
  10. Gas cans (new only)
  11. Cleaning supplies
  12. Masks
  13. Tools (hammers, ax, rope, etc.)
  14. Tarps
  15. Off (mosquito spray)