The Great Chicken Wing Survey

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July 29th is National Chicken Wing Day and whether you are into bone-in or boneless, super spicy or mild, ranch or blue cheese, there’s nothing like a plate stacked high with your favorite wings.

Each year, Americans consume 28 billion chicken wings with 1.33 billion wings eaten this past Super Bowl weekend!

That’s a whole lot of wings and if you are like us, you might be wondering what are the most popular wings. A new survey by GrillCookBake set out to determine America’s preference of wing type, sauce, and dressing.

When ordering wings, the first thing you must choose is whether you want to go with Bone-in (Traditional) or Boneless. The survey revealed that 36 states prefer traditional wings to 14 who prefer boneless. 

The next choice is what type of sauce, and this might be the most important one. The survey gave participants a choice of 16 sauces or seasonings. While there was no clear winner, Honey BBQ came out on top winning 9 states, followed by Hot Buffalo at 9, and Parmesan Garlic with 7. Spicy Garlic, Lemon Pepper, and Sweet BBQ all had respectable showings.

The finishing touch of a great wing is the dressing that you dip it in. Participants were asked: Ranch or Blue Cheese … and it wasn’t even close! Ranch is the runaway winner here with 40 states.

In case you are wondering, Louisianans voted for Bone-In, Lemon Pepper, and Ranch.

Hit the link to see how the other states voted.