Vol 57: Sailor / On the Third Day

The Steve Miller Band – Sailor

The Steve Miller Band’s second studio album, Sailor, released in 1968. Sailor was recorded in Las Angeles, California unlike its predecessor Children of the Future which was recorded in London, England. Sailor was the last album by The Steve Miller Band to feature original members Boz Scaggs and Jim Peterman. The album showcases a psychedelic blues rock sound and includes hits such as: “Song for Our Ancestors,” “Living in the U.S.A.,” “Quicksilver Girl,” and “Gangster of Love.”

 Electric Light Orchestra – On the Third Day

The third studio album, On the Third Day, by ELO was released in 1973. After this album’s success the band adopted the name ELO and dropped “The” out of the band’s name. It would reach number 52 on the US charts but would receive a modicum of success in the UK. On the Third Day hosts a handful of hits such as: “Showdown,” “Ocean Breakup,” “Daybreaker,” and “Ma-Ma-Ma Belle.”

You can spin both of these vinyls here.