Buc-ee’s coming to Lafayette?

Photo by Matt Miguez

Could Lafayette be the next location in Louisiana for the gas station of all gas stations?

There have been rumors circulating for a while now that everybody’s favorite beaver could be building a new Buc-ee’s location right off of I-10 at the Louisiana Avenue exit, but there appears to be some serious traction now.

Our news partner, News15, spoke with officials from the LEDA (Lafayette Economic Development Authority) and they confirmed that work is being done to make it a reality.

“LEDA can confirm that we are working to bring Buc-ee’s to Lafayette Parish,” said Mandi Mitchell, the president and CEO of LEDA. “While progress is being made, the deal is not yet finalized as there are several critical aspects of site due diligence still in progress.”

The prospect of Buc-ee’s coming to Lafayette excites many people because now you won’t have to drive to Texas or Alabama for fudge, Beaver Nuggets, brisket sandwiches, and the cleanest restrooms on Earth.

This is a developing story.