Four Of Louisiana’s Laziest Cities Are In Acadiana

There’s a stereotype in parts of the country that southerners are lazy. That’s not necessarily accurate In my opinion. The pace of life is slower here than in some regions. The climate necessitates that. Summer heat & humidity make frequent breaks crucial. My 45 years in Louisiana have shown that there are a lot of hard working, down to Earth Folks here. That being said, some work harder & longer than others. 

The folks at Zippia decided to compile a list of  the laziest communities in the Bayou State. The criteria were hours worked, number of employed people per household, unemployment rate, and education level. They studied 64 communities, and came up with a top 10, or bottom 10, depending how you look at it. Four Acadiana cities made the list. They are #10 Franklin, #9 Crowley, #5 Ville Platte, and #4 Opelousas. What city was # 1? That dubious distinction goes to Bogalusa.

Source: Zippia

Blog by Steve Wiley