Lafayette Resident Needs Help Finding Dog

Robert Green is known as “The Gorilla Man”

A Lafayette resident is asking for the public’s help in finding his dog.

Robert Green lives at `1211 11th street near Simcoe Street. He said the neighbors call him, “the Gorilla Man” because of a gorilla statue that sits in his front yard. He is calling on his neighbors and the community to help find his dog.

The dog’s name is King Gorilla. His color is mostly black with some brown on his feet. King Gorilla weighs approximately 80lbs. The German Sheppard has been embedded with a chip.

King Gorilla (the stolen dog) is the dog on the Left of the Photo.

Early Monday morning on October 17, 2022, around 2:40 am, someone kidnapped his 2 and half-year-old German Sheppard. According to Green, the suspect removed a wooden panel from Green’s fence, lifted the dog over the fence, and tied a yellow rope around the dog’s neck. The suspect was on a bicycle.

From Green’s home security: Footage of suspect

The footage captured from Robert Green’s home security camera shows a small car that appears to be passing in front of Green’s house at the same time as the crime is taking place. Green says the car had to swerve to miss the suspect and the dog.

A car driving by the house during the crime.

If anyone was traveling down 11th Street near Simcoe, Monday morning around 2:40 am, and has information about the stolen dog, please contact Robert Green. His number is 337-254-6193

The suspect removed the panel to retrieve the dog from the property.