Popular Picnic Item Recalled

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. Many people regard it as the start of “cookout season.” That means folks will be heading to market for steaks, hot dogs, chicken, charcoal and more. What cookout is complete without pasta saled, right? A popular brand of pasta salad is being recalled. The Food and Drug administration announces Reser’s Fine Foods is voluntarily recalling their macaroni salad. The recall is not due to contamination. It’s a labelling issue. The labels on the product don’t include an allergen warning for wheat content. The front label on the product in question calls it macaroni salad and the bottom label lists it as coleslaw. It has a “use by” date of June 3rd. Many of the recalled containers were sold at Aldi locations in multiple states. For more information, call 888-223-2127.

Source: fda.gov   

Blog by Steve Wiley