Tips For Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh, Beautiful And Safe

Blog by Steve Wiley

It seems like people start decorating for Christmas earlier every year. That poses potential risks. An old, dried out Christmas tree can be a major fire hazard, not to mention unattractive. So, you go to one of those lots, and buy a Christmas tree. Here’s the thing. That tree was likely trucked in from a tree farm hundreds of miles away. You don’t know how long ago it was cut. Common sense, of course, dictates you get it into water ASAP. Here’s a tip. Boil a pot of water and use it to pot the tree. Why? The tree has been out in the cold, and the sap has hardened somewhat. The hot water softens it, making it easier for water to flow into the tree. You don’t need to continue using hot water after that. Be sure to add water every day. If you can find a nursery that sells to the public, a live tree can be a great idea. I mean a tree that still has roots and is still alive. There are couple advantages. You can leave it up much longer. After the Christmas holiday is over, you can redecorate for Mardi – Gras. When you’re done you can take it outside and plant it instead of throwing it away. 

Source: Experience